Letter Templates - Booking Form Received

Predefined Booking Form Received acknowledgement.
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Booking Form Received

#1 NOT_A_PROPERTY on Windsor Palms Resort

Demo2 Traveler, Arriving Sat 29-Nov-2008 for 14 nights.

Sunday 1st January 2012

Demo2 Traveler

1235 Traveler St
Traveler City, ca 12345
United States

+1 123 456 7890 (Main)

Reservation Summary (#2-1)

Status: Pending
Property: #1 NOT_A_PROPERTY
Community: Windsor Palms Resort
Primary Guest: Demo2 Traveler, 11 Guests in total
Arriving: Sat 29-Nov-2008 after 4:30 pm for 14 nights
Departing: Sat 13-Dec-2008 before 10:00 am
Other: Pool heat is included
Spa heat is included
Reservation Total:
US$2,671.32 - Accommodation +Options
US$0.00 - Payments made
US$2,671.32 - Due Now
Security Deposit:
US$500.00 - Total
Dear Demo2,

This is to confirm that we have received your completed booking form.

Your dates are now on a courtesy hold pending receipt of your Booking Deposit.

If you have any questions, please feel free to ask them at any time.

Kind Regards,
MyVRZone Demo