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Predefined Arrival letter.
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Property Image Property Image

Arrival Information

#1 NOT_A_PROPERTY on Windsor Palms Resort

Demo Traveler, Arriving Sat 05-Apr-2008 for 10 nights.

Sunday 1st January 2012

Demo Traveler

1234 Traveler St
Traveler City, ca 123456
United States

+1 123 456 7890 (Main)

Reservation Summary (#2-3)

Status: Confirmed
Property: #1 NOT_A_PROPERTY
Community: Windsor Palms Resort
Primary Guest: Demo Traveler, 15 Guests in total
Arriving: Sat 05-Apr-2008 after 4:30 pm for 10 nights
Departing: Tue 15-Apr-2008 before 10:00 am
Other: Pool heat is included
Spa heat is included
Reservation Total:
US$1,448.66 - Accommodation +Options
US$1,448.66 - Payments made
- Fully paid -
Security Deposit:
US$500.00 - Total
US$500.00 - Authorized - will expire

Dear Demo,

With only a little while to go until your vacation we'd like to confirm that your reservation is fully paid and ready to go. We are delighted to provide your Arrival Information here.

Property Address

1234 Sun Palm Drive
Kissimmee, Florida 34747
United States


Check-in time is 4:30 pm on your date of arrival.
Check-out time is 10:00 am on your date of departure.

Should you arrive at the property before your check-in time the housekeepers and property management team may still be preparing for your arrival so please don't try to check in early. We would appreciate it if you would allow them to complete their preparation work. Feel free to explore the local area's amenities to orient yourselves.

Other Important Information

Alarm Code: 1234
Entry Code: 1234
Safe Code: 123456
Wifi 64bit WEP Key: 123456789A

If you have any questions during your preparations we'd be pleased to answer them.

Kind Regards,
MyVRZone Demo