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For listing sites and advertisers

Do you have a listing site and want to synchronize to MyVRZone calendars?

I offer an advertiser-independent service to my clients where I centralize their VR calendar updates and my server pushes any changes out to the advertising sites that they want to keep up-to-date.

This benefits both the Listing site (providing up-to-date availability) and my clients (they do not need to manually update the many different listing sites).

I update the availability as soon as it's changed so your availability will be as real-time as it can be. Alternatively the availability can be polled each day.

I don't charge anything for this service - to my clients or advertisers.

How does it work?

I create an XML file of the availability and POST it to the listing site when there this a change in availability. I include the full availability at that time rather than just changes to ensure nothing gets missed.

Alternatively, when polling, the listing site GETs the same XML file content for the latest availability once a day.

What do you need to do to get this to work?

  1. The listing site needs to create server-side code to read in the XML file and then update their own records  based upon the contents.
    Here's the DTD definition file for the XML:
    Example XML file:
  2. We need to add your site information to the system so that we can authorize the synchronization. Just ask to get that set up.
  3. If you are taking the pushed XML data from MyVRZone then you need to identify to your users which information they need to add in their MyVRZone account so that when you parse the data you can associate it with the correct account and property in your own system. The user will add this information into their calendar synchronization setup so that it can be included in the XML data.
  4. If you are going to poll MyVRZone for the XML data then you need to capture the user's MyVRZone account and property information so that you can request the correct data. The user would need to add this into their account on your site's setup so that you can include it in your request for availability data.