Vacation Rental Management for busy people!


Quicky perform reservation management tasks from the automated to-do list

The day to day management of existing reservations is less intensive than responding to inquiries as quickly as possible, but it makes it does make it easier to forget to do something. Sending reminders for upcoming payments has to be done, and then later on checked again to see if payment was made and following-up if not. Booking confirmations need to be sent out, as well as arrival information and a departure letter - and a notification to the management company (if you have one) about the reservation and any changes along the way.

Email templates are typically used here - Email client (Outlook, GMail) or word docs (MS Word, OpenOffice) - edit them to add the right guest name and reservation info, add the email address and send them.

So, remember that you need to do something and then construct the email for each reservation that needs it. If you only have a few reservations then this is not so bad, but it still takes time away from something else that you could be doing.

This is something that is ideal for a machine to do - set up your reminders to define what you want to have done and when for each reservation, let the machine create a to-do item when it becomes due and either do it automatically, or let you choose to do it from a list (send an email with a single click - edit it first if you like). When you get something that makes it this easy, send out more information to your guest than the minimum you need to - notices about booking local events in advance, events that are going on during their stay etc.

  1. Never forget to notify your housekeepers, send a payment reminder, a welcome home letter, tell your property manager about a reservation change or anything else that you need to do. Simply define the actions that you normally do in running your business and they will show up on the To-Do list when due - you can even have them execute automatically if you like.
  2. Reminders can be configured in several flexible ways in MyVRZone's Vacation Rental Management Software. Set a reminder to perform an action a number of days before or after a Trigger event. Trigger events are things such as: Reservation Date, Arrival Date, Departure Date, PaymentDue Dates, Receipt of Booking Deposit or Full Payment, Reservation change in status and more... Each reminder can be set to exclude certain reservations or payments occurring before/after dates in order to exclude, say, older reservations that have completed.
  3. View the To-Do list to see what needs to be done across all reservations. Action the to-do's right from that page or click to go to the actual reservation and review it there - Send or Preview/Edit email actions. Ignore current actions or Undo and Redo earlier actions and save useful comments with the completed action if needed.


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