Vacation Rental Management for busy people!


These pages explore the different aspects of automation available with the MyVRZone online vacation rental management tools for the Vacation Rental Owner. There are so many tasks that can be automated to either reduce the time taken by the owner or guest, avoid errors or save on energy costs. This page summarizes what this vacation rental management software offers, with links to further details on each.

Home Automation - A/C and Heating (HVAC) Control

Adding automation to your Vacation Rental Home to save on your energy usage:

  1. Evaluating/Choosing this MyVRZone system?
  2. Full System Capabilities
  3. Installation
  4. FAQ

Availability Calendar Synchronization

Keeping many different calendars up to date is not practical:

  1. Keep the important calendars up-to-date automatically

Keypad Lock Code retrieval for ResortLock and eRentalLock systems

MyVRZone is integrated with the online lock code generation systems from eRentalLock and ResortLock. This means a lock code is automatically fetched and put into the reservation whenever the arrival/departure date/time changes. This ensures that you never forget to add or update the code and the system will insert it into your arrival information email automatically.

  1. See more about these locks and compare others here

Email Inquiry to Quotation - Part of Quoted Online Booking™

Answering email inquiries required that you read each email for the dates and contact information, calculate the rate for the dates if available, then construct an email response by pasting in the contact information and the rate along with answering any specific questions that may have been asked by the inquirer. If you have multiple properties or support multiple currencies then the task gets more complicated still. If you don’t have the dates and want to offer alternatives then you may end up wanting to add even more quotations in the email. The process is open to mistakes and can take a long time to complete.

If you think about it, most of the time and risk of error is in  doing the rate calculations, conversions to other currencies and constructing the email. You probably already have an email template but still need to manually change the guest contact info and the quote information. This part is fully automatable and takes a few seconds - the value-add for the owner is in the other text in the email, responses to questions and speed at which a response can be provided.

With MyVRZone’s Quoted Online Booking™:

  1. Email inquiries are scanned and the dates and contact information is extracted.
  2. When clicked, the inquiry will be displayed along with a list of potential quotes for it automatically
  3. All generated based upon your season dates and rates an includes options (such a pool heat) as appropriate
  4. Multiple quotes can be generated based upon the property and nearby availability and even making back-to-back bookings
  5. Multiple currencies can be included
  6. Quotes in the list can be manually excluded, edited or altered
  7. Click a button to preview the email that will go out so that you can edit it or just send it straight out if you don’t need to change anything (ie add some special comment)
  8. See a short presentation about Quoted Online Booking here


MyVRZone provides a customizable reminder system that allows you to define events that should create a reminder for each reservation. You can set up reminders for payments due, overdue, arrival information, welcome home or whatever purpose that depend on the payment schedule, order/arrival/departure date and many others. The list of reminders appear as a To-Do list when viewing each reservation or in the full To-Do list report that shows all of them.

Each reminder can be associated with an action - something manual or an email template. The To-Do list provides click buttons that will perform the action (eg. send the email) when you are ready. Alternatively you may want the action performed automatically by the system (eg Welcome Home email). Reminders can be ignored, un-done and re-done from the To-Do list.

Look at the full To-Do list each week and click each action that you want to perform in order to keep on top of things that need to be done. Never forget anything and make it work the way that you want it to work.

  1. More information on setting up Reminders here

Email tracking and followups

MyVRZone includes email tracking and can be set to automatically send simpler follow-up emails with a link to the original email if not read. This helps make sure that your earned inquiry get the best possible chance of being looked at and not caught in spam.

  1. Are your emails getting read?

Language Translation

MyVRZone includes automatic translation of your property marketing material and email communications:

  1. Marketing “Mini-Site” - see French example here, see Spanish example here
  2. Email communications - see German example here, see Italian example here
  3. Default display is English but you can set the language to translate into by default in the URL (like in the examples above)
  4. See more information on Language Translation here