Vacation Rental Management for busy people!

Increase guest confidence

Many people searching for a Vacation Rental are doing it for the first time, as the market is growing each year as the benefits are discovered. Without previous experience it's not easy for the traveler to know what to ask about. They may hear stories about others experiences and may be nervous about the whole process. Knowing what every guest wants to see is not practical, but there are a few things that are known to be important for keeping potential and existing guests content.

Fast responses to inquiries and questions are important - this seems to be expected today and says a lot to the guest about your level of service. The costs and payment schedule need to be presented very clearly, no hidden fees to surprise them later on. Communications need to be consistent in terms of style and content so that the guest is not asking themselves whether something is included or not, or whether a payment they sent has been received yet. Each official communication should reinforce the status to the guest.

Being able to book as soon as they have made their decision can be critical for popular dates - any manual process that depends on mail or the owner could mean that they don't get the dates they want or may get double-booked. Online booking with a confirmation gives them confidence that they have secured their dates.

Viewing the status of their reservation online whenever they want allows them to instantly confirm when the next payment is due, how much they need to pay and what has already been paid. Being able to pay online by Credit Card or PayPal also makes the process very simple and free of errors in delivery.

How can this online vacation rental management software help you keep your guests happy?

  1. Speed, accuracy & clarity when responding to guests - it's automated.
  2. Email professional-looking quotes and letters using the MyVRZone Vacation Rental Management Software's customizable templates confirming the reservation details and status.
  3. Easy Quoted Online Booking™ prefills the Booking Form with rates, options and as much guest information as is known - the guest just has to complete the missing contact information, add the guest list and electronically sign against the Terms, Minimum age and cancellation policy.
  4. No double-bookings - it's just not possible.
  5. No owner arbitration on who gets dates when multiple guests try to book at the same time - only the first to submit will get the dates.
  6. Access reservation information on their own schedule with 24/7 online guest access to the Guest Zone™. Confirm what has been paid, check on the schedule for the next payment and even make a payment via PayPal or Credit Card if the owner accepts those methods of payment.