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Quick language translation for you and your guests

Language Translation

Inquirers and guests come from all over the world, and while they may speak your language, it may not be their native tongue and so some of the nuances may not be understood. For guests and inquirers that are not native speakers, providing an easy way to translate your communications and property benefits is extremely beneficial. The owner may also receive inquiries and questions written in a foreign language and need to translate it before responding. See this article for further information on translation.

While you and your guests/inquirers can do all of the translation online by copy/pasting the text, the MyVRZone vacation rental management software integrates language translation into the normal management flow where the owner and guest needs it most to make it very easy.

  1. Translation is automatic - you don't need to do anything
  2. Most languages are supported (Google Translate)

    All users can have the following translated:

  1. Guest Book - Spanish Example
  2. Feedback Form - German Example
  3. Integrated Credit Card payment processing form - French Example

    Platinum Plan users can have the whole Mini-site translated:

  1. Marketing page - Spanish Example
  2. Inquiry/Request Form - German Example
  3. Booking Form - French Example

    For Guests of Platinum plan users the whole Guest Zone can be translated:

  1. Reservations Summary page (where the guest can view status and make payments) - French Example

    For Platinum plan users the following items are also translated:

  1. Terms and Conditions - part of Quoted Online Booking - Spanish Example
  2. All emails sent to your guest - via an online link to the same email - French Example
  3. All incoming email inquiries can be clicked on and translated before responding.