Vacation Rental Management for busy people!

Professional, consistent and clear communications

Most vacation rental owners have a number of email templates that they use for dealing with their guests - inquiry responses, confirmations, payment reminders, arrival information, departure letter etc. These may be maintained in some kind of word processor (such as MS Word or OpenOffice Writer), or as email templates in an email client (such as MS Outlook or Gmail). The templates require manual editing to put in the inquirer/guest-specific information and can be prone to error.

A few vacation rental management systems provide you with a way to create email templates that get filled in with the inquirer/guest-specific information automatically. This makes the whole email creation much simpler and removes the most common errors. These templates usually use simple text rather than the nice formatting that you can get using a word processor.

The MyVRZone vacation rental management software goes a step further than most, providing nicely formatted emails that can be customized for your own use. Similar to choosing some pre-printed letterhead paper to write a letter on, there are 2 components to an email template - the text for the body of the email (the purpose of the email) and then the Stationery upon which the body text should be placed. See the examples here.

Choosing the same Stationery provides consistency with all of your communications. The predefined stationery provides contact information and a reservation summary and is where most of the formatting is done. This does not tend to change once set up. The template text for the main body is where the main message is located and this will change from one template to another. For information that changes from one inquirer or reservation to another, special Tokens are used in the template and stationery that get replaced with the correct information as the email is generated.

Typically, nothing needs to be edited/added when sending these emails - so it's very quick and removes the human errors that tend to creep in when doing this manually. As you only need to set this up once for all responses, it's easy to add more and more information that would normally change between each inquirer or guest as you don't need to do that manually any more. Having the reservation summary and status on each communication is now easy and a great confirmation to the guest.

  1. Finally, a way to send pretty and informative emails to your guests with a simple click!
  2. Stationery lets you define a look and feel for all of your communications from the MyVRZone Vacation Rental Management Software - choose from those already defined or modify them to create your own.
  3. Templates allow you to provide dynamic letters using your stationery - create your own or choose/modify from those already defined:
    1. Booking Form Received - acknowledge that you have received a booking form
    2. Booking Confirmation - officially confirm a guest's reservation
    3. Payment Reminder - friendly reminder that a payment is due soon
    4. Payment Overdue - payment has not been received
    5. Payment Receipt - payment has been received
    6. Arrival Letter - everything a guest needs for arrival
    7. Welcome Home - let the guests know what will happen next (usually regarding any security deposit)
    8. Closing/Departure Letter - close out the reservation and request feedback
    9. Reservation Change - notify your property manager of a change
    10. Blank (with/without stationery) - blank email for sending whatever you want
  4. Stationery is HTML text and templates can be plain text or HTML. The predefined Stationery and Templates can be used as-is by everyone and used as a reference for new ones that you create - just click the Duplicate button to modify one for your own needs.
  5. Tokens are used to represent data that changes from reservation to reservation and can be inserted easily from a list. Whole sections of text can be conditionally included using more advanced features.