Vacation Rental Management for busy people!

Online booking only for quotes that you have sent

Although online booking is great for the traveler, many owners do not want to allow a traveler to choose the dates they want, book and pay without being involved in the process. For those owners, it's important to review the request and perhaps ask some questions before sending a quotation - they may want to offer alternate dates as part of their yield management or simply find out how big the pet elephant is!

With this level of interaction, the booking process is more complex, and typically results in either the completion of a paper/emailed booking form or at best an online booking form that does not specify the rates or dates explicitly. This can introduce errors and the possibility of double-bookings  and results in some manual effort to add the dates/rates/options to the reservation management system being used.

Quoted Online Booking was designed to make this process much more automated, while keeping the flexiblity. Vet the inquiries as they come in, like you normally do and then only send a quote to the inquirer if you are willing to accept it if they choose to book it. This is all you need to do as the owner - the rest of the online booking process is automated for you and the inquirer. The inquirer can complete a booking at any time after that up to the expiration day of the quotation, set by you.

The MyVRZone vacation rental management software stores the quote(s) that you have provided and a special link in the email allows the inquirer to view and book it online. They can only book one of the quotes that you have sent them, and all of the quotation details are filled in for them - dates, rates and payment schedule - some items can be optional (eg. Pool Heat) so the inquirer can choose to include them at this point or not. They complete the rest of the form and submit it - that online booking is entered as a new reservation and an email confirmation of the submission is sent to them and the owner. The reservation is entered in a Pending state by default (blocking the dates) and you'd wait until the initial payment has been made before manually making it confirmed.

If you take PayPal or have the integrated Credit Card merchant then the guest can make the required payment straight away and have it entered into their reservation. When you look at their reservation you'll see that it's all up-to-date and can be confirmed right away.

  1. The Quoted Online Booking™ system gives guests 24/7 instant access to review and book your property.
  2. It gives the owner full control over the dates and rates that can be booked online. Only quote for what you are willing to accept.
  3. The guest does not need to nervously wait for you to respond to reserve their dates and complete the booking.
  4. The Booking Form gets prefilled with all quotation and available guest information so they have less to enter.
  5. If enabled for an option, the guest can select/de-select it at the time of booking (Spa Heating for example). The rate was set at the time of the quote and cannot be changed - totals are updated automatically by the MyVRZone Vacation Rental Management Software.