Vacation Rental Management for busy people!

Increase Revenue, reduce costs

Increasing revenue for your vacation rental business is not limited to spending more on advertising for additional inquiries.

Often, how well the existing inquiries are dealt with can increase your Booking to Inquiries ratio without any more advertising costs. Responding quickly and clearly, following up on your quotes, offering easy online-booking and preferred payment methods all have an effect on your bottom line.

While MyVRZone's vacation rental management software can generate new inquiries via the VR Referral Network and Partner Listing Sites at no listing cost, it's focus is on increaisng the Booking to Inquiries ration by dealing with inquiries in a way that makes it more likely that you will get a booking from each one.

Paying advertisers that are not performing is an unneccessary cost. With the accurate tracking of real referral sources you can quickly see who is performing and who is not from the reports. Drop paid advertisers that get few bookings over dates that are easy to fill.

So, how can this online vacation rental management software help you increase revenue?

  1. Free membership to the VR Referral Network™ brings even more opportunity for further bookings and referral commissions. Free listings on Partner Listing Sites increase your exposure
  2. Respond to inquires from many sources in a few secoinds.
  3. Choose from multiple quote suggestions for the best fitting offer for dates that you have available.
  4. Send follow-up emails automatically if the original quote has not been read - emails are tracked for opening and link clicks. If an email gets caught in a spam folder, send a simpler email with a link to the original for a better change of getting through.
  5. Guests can view quotes, terms then book and pay online to remove any delay in getting the dates tehy want.
  6. Guests feel more comfortable with a well presented, well written, accurate quote from a professional looking owner and are more likely to book with you when compared to a similar offer from an owner who doesn't use such a system.
  7. Use the the MyVRZone Vacation Rental Management Software's Referral and Inquiry reports to identify advertisers that are not working for you - drop the cost of advertising there.
  8. Use the Upcoming Gap report to focus your marketing of special offers in a timely manner to attract guests to fill in those last remaining weeks and days.