Vacation Rental Management for busy people!

Fast, professional quotes increase bookings

Travelers often issue many inquiries for properties that may match their needs and wait for responses. A quick (non-auto-responder) response says volumes about the level of service that the traveler may expect if booking. If everything is laid out clearly with all costs and extras defined then the traveler will have more confidence that there are no hidden fees to be worried about.

  1. Speed is often the critical factor in responding to an inquiry - how many times have you had an email response from an inquirer to say that they've already booked somewhere - and you'd responded to the inquiry within an hour of receiving it!
  2. Professionalism also plays a large part in this industry where travelers need to choose between many different properties and have heard many horror stories. Most responses are rushed in order to get them done quickly and often end up too brief or ill-formatted. We need to use the response to market our professionalism and our properties and assure travelers that we care about their vacation.
  3. ... so give yourself the best possible chance of gaining another booking with a speedy AND professional response.
  4. With the ease of creating and adjusting quotations, offer more than one quote with attractive pricing for dates that fit your availability better. The MyVRZone Vacation Rental Management Software automatically offers nearby dates that align to a preferred arrival day or leave no gaps.
  5. Ever had a guest that is not quite sure of their dates and is considering totally different periods? Not a problem, the system will automatically quote for one date range and you can just enter another set of dates for the other and it will quote that too.