Vacation Rental Management for busy people!

More Inquiries, no up-front costs

Increasing the number of inquiries you get typically increases the number of bookings you get if your Booking to Inquiry ratio is kept the same. There are many places to advertise/list your property, some free and some paid. Any account with the MyVRZone vacation rental management software offers two ways to increase your inquiries.

The Vacation Rental Referral Network shares inquiries from other owners in your street, Resort or City. This is designed for owners with excess inquiies that thay have created via their own markering efforts to send them to others in the area and collect a commission. Members received the inquiries and if they make a booking will pay the commission.

The Partner Listing Sites are free-to-list advertising sites that receive a commission when a booking has been made. Everyone is listed on the sites that cover their area automatically and everything is kept up-to-date as you change availability and property description etc. You don't need to do anything.

VR Referral Network

  1. The VR Referral Network™ is the first network designed to help VR owners work together to improve the traveler's experience and their own revenues.
  2. Use the VR Referral Network™ to:
    1. Simply receive more inquiries.
    2. Find additional properties near yours to accommodate larger groups.
    3. Share inquiries that you have generated directly with others in your local community.
    4. Receive a commission payment when someone makes a reservation from a referral that you submitted.
    5. Help a guest locate a home when you are booked, showing that you care and potentially gain their custom in the future. Locating a vacation rental is a hard task for guests as they have to deal with many owners, emailing and searching the internet over many days.
  3. Membership is free via the MyVRZone Vacation Rental Management Software. Any bookings that you make as a result of an inquiry are due a small commission of $5 per night booked to the submitter.
  4. View all referrals as an inquiry along with your other inquiries on the Quote page.
  5. Make referrals quickly from an existing inquiry with the click of a button.

See the current list of properties in the network here

Partner Listing Sites

  1. Worldwide and regional sites that represent your property location are listed automatically.
  2. The listing information is taken from your property information.
  3. There are no fees to be listed on the sites.
  4. If you choose to respond to a request and do get a booking from it, then pay $5 per night booked to the site as a commission.

See the current Partner Listing Sites here