Vacation Rental Management for busy people!

Vacation Rental Management Software for busy owners's vacation rental management software was designed for Owners that have a real job, want to provide great customer service and would rather spend the time they do have marketing their properties instead of managing them.

The online vacation rental management tools have been developed and improved over many years and now brings many different aspects of vacation rental management together into one place in a way that no other management tools can match. Owners regain control of their lives by letting do the mundane and error-prone tasks automatically. Owners spend less time managing their properties and yet provide a better level of customer service.

It really is possible for everyone to do this - and it’s not costly. Take a look at a summary of the benefits below.

Managing your online presence is easy and simple

  1. On your own website - Request & Booking forms, Rates Table and Availability Calendar.
  2. Ready-made Website - if you don’t have your own, unique URL, no advertising, up to 12 photos.
  3. One central calendar - keeps synchronized with HomeAway and others as well as your own website and Google/Outlook calendars.
  4. Use the Vacancy/Gap Report - see which dates you should be focusing on getting filled.

Pay advertisers that perform

  1. Track sources of inquiries and what happens to them automatically.
  2. Review Performance before paying them again.
  3. Partner Listing Sites - automatic listings with no listing fee - pay $5 per night booked if you make a booking.

Handling Inquiries is fast, comprehensive and professional

  1. Emails are automatically scanned for inquiry information from the most popular advertisers.
  2. Fast AND Professional responses to Inquiries - just a few seconds to send multi- quote/property/currency replies.
  3. Customizable email templates allow you to personalize your communications.
  4. Online Booking for only the quotes you've provided with Quoted Online Booking™.

New Reservations require no data-entry from you

  1. Take Online Bookings - double-booking is not possible, email confirmations are sent automatically.
  2. Don’t enter any information into the system yourself - it all comes from the guest, including the full guest list.
  3. Take online credit card payments straight into the reservation.
  4. Set the reservation status to Confirmed when you are OK with it and send a Confirmation email using the customizable templates.

Credit Card & PayPal Integration

    Fully integrated Credit Card processing via your own merchant account if they support one of the following gateways:
  1. (eCom)
  2. MerchantConnect (Costco)
  3. PayPal (requires their Virtual Terminal)
    Payments are recorded against the reservation automatically - no typing it in.
  1. A secure payment site is already provided so there’s no requirement to make your own secure just for this - but you can if you want.
  2. Free credit card integration setup if you open a merchant account with eCom via the MyVRZone site - they offer the best combination of fees and services - compare providers here.

Manage Reservations by clicking buttons in a to-do list

  1. Automatic reminders can be defined for the way you do business with a manual or automatic send by email.
  2. Set a reminder to perform an action a number of days before or after a event (eg. Payment Due).
  3. A simple To-Do list keeps track of what’s pending - just click “Do it” or “Ignore” and it’s dealt with.
  4. Customizable html-formatted email templates are provided for most parts of the rental process.
    If you use Resort Lock equipment then your entry codes are generated automatically and put into your account.

Reporting Taxes and Status is a breeze

  1. Tax Summary - detailed multi-tax information for monthly/annual filings.
  2. To-do List - all of the pending actions needed over all of your reservations.
  3. Check-in/out - what’s coming up/back-to-back for you and your cleaners and/or property manager.
  4. Vacancy/Gap Summary - which dates are still available - should you make special offers to fill them.
  5. Reservation Status - all reservations showing and payments due.
  6. Guest List - all guest contact details.
  7. Payment Status - detailed payment information by reservation.
  8. Referral Summary - referrer performance by property - revenue, days booked and averages.
  9. Inquiry Summary - where have the inquiries been coming from and how many converted to bookings.
  10. Bookmark, Email, Print or Download all reports.

Receive more qualified inquiries

  1. From the first owner-oriented VR Referral Network™
  2. Receive rental requests from other owners in your area or community.
  3. Send overflow requests to other owners in your area or community and earn referral fees.
  4. Help locate additional properties for your guests requiring multiple properties.
  5. Provide a valued customer service experience for potential guests that you are unable to accommodate by helping them find somewhere that is available. It’s hard for travelers to do this so any assistance is always welcomed and they are likely to remember you for future travels.

Control door keypad access remotely with no monthly fees

Using Resort Lock or eRentalLock integration

  1. The ResortLock and eRentalLock keypads do not require any ongoing fees and no visits to make changes.
  2. Create an entry code from anywhere you have web access that sets the access period to the hour of each day.
  3. Prevents unauthorized early and late entry by guests with to-the-hour access control.
  4. Provides additional security for guests as the code is unique to their stay - multiple guests are not using the same code.
  5. Guests can create a temporary code that is more memorable and unique for them during their stay - it expires when they leave.
  6. MyVRZone is a wholesaler for these locks and can offer a 10% discount by aggregating multiple orders from different people (you may need to wait a little longer for delivery if you want the discount).
  7. MyVRZone is the first to integrate getting the code into the reservation system so that you will not need to manually log in to the Resort Lock or eRentalLock online systems each time. More importantly, it will ensure that any changes made to the arrival/departure dates/times will result in a new code being obtained immediately and automatically - no forgetting to update the code when you grant them early check-in or add an extra day to the end of their stay.
  8. The lock codes can be automatically inserted into the predefined or custom email templates for sending to your guests
  9. Purchase your locks from the Products Page.

It’s not expensive

    Let’s get this one out there. There are 2 levels of subscription:
  1. Silver Plan - FREE.
  2. Platinum Plan - $10 per month for the 1st property, $5 each per month for more.
  3. Compare Plans here.
  4. FREE 60 day trial of the Platinum Plan.

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