Vacation Rental Management for busy people!

Respond to inquiries quickly

Dates, names, party size and more are extracted from advertiser emails automatically and used to prepare an email based upon the standard response template or one that you have customized - nicely formatted with rich text - all in a few seconds. Email delivery is tracked and a simple follow-up is sent out (if needed) with the link to the original email.

Include zero, one or more quotes per response, include multiple properties and currencies. If it's OK as-is then just click Send, otherwise change which quotes and options are included or modify the email before it goes out using the rich text editor. See Examples here »

Discounts and Surcharges are calculated and added automatically. They can depend on the number of days, number of guests, early booking, late availability and more and can be applied with lots of flexibility. Coupon codes can be used and applied in the same way.

Do you use a SmartPhone or Tablet?

Respond from your mobile devices while away from your PC - everything you need to repond quickly without using a lot of bandwidth. See screenshots below, click here for details on where to get it and how to use it.