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Support, Help & Feedback

Many levels of help are available, depending on your question and where you are. All effort is made to improve the help systems, so if you have suggestions please let us know. Support is available by email during most of the waking day on Pacific Time (GMT-8), or by phone during office hours.

Field-level help

When you are trying to fill in a field on a page you will see a ‘?’ symbol on most of them.  Information about that field will be shown on the screen as a tool-tip when your mouse cursor is placed over it. This will tell you what kind of information is expected in that field and will solve most of the questions that come up.

On-Page help

When it’s not clear what the intent of a whole page is then you can find further information in a few places:

  1. Right there on the page itself in the introduction or by hovering over the "?" symbol to the right if there.
  2. In the Knowledgebase page entries - where more explanation is given.


This is where the bulk of the help resides - with information covering most aspects of the software. New entries are made each month as questions come in that need a clearer explanation:

  1. Use the Search to look for what you need in all of the entries - try a few keywords
  2. Features
  3. FAQ
  4. Pages/Screens

Contact me

If you still can’t figure something out or want to discuss something directly then use the Contact tab on the top left of this page to ask a question electronically or call me at +1 408 940 6879 and leave a message if I'm not able to answer at that time.