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Keypad lock with automatic codes per guest

Convenience and security for you and your guests with no ongoing fees for ResortLock and  eRentalLock keypads (compare the Kaba locks). See comparison information here.

ResortLock and eRentalLock provide keypad locks where the entry code itself tells the lock when it's OK to open the door. Guest codes are not programmed in to the lock - instead, the entry code is based upon a special mixture of: the serial number of the lock; the arrival day & time; and the departure day & time that only the lock can understand. This code will only cause the door to open during the times given when the code was generated. You never need to go to the lock to change a code - the lock knows the current day and time and when a code is entered it figures out the allowed times of entry from it and if the current day/time is within that period it will unlock the door.

Codes are generated manually either online from your computer, or from a program running on your PC. MyVRZone uses the online system to get the codes for each reservation automatically - whenever the day/time changes- so you are always up-to-date. The code can be inserted into the Arrival letter/email automatically.


  1. The ResortLock and eRentalLock keypads do not require any ongoing fees and no visits to make changes.
  2. Create an entry code from anywhere you have web access that sets the access period to the hour of each day.
  3. Prevents unauthorized early and late entry by guests with to-the-hour access control.
  4. Provides additional security for guests as the code is unique to their stay - multiple guests are not using the same code.
  5. Guests can create a temporary code that is more memorable and unique for them during their stay - it expires when they leave.
  6. MyVRZone is a wholesaler for these locks and offers free shipping with the USA
  7. MyVRZone is the first to integrate getting the code into the reservation system
    You will not need to manually log in to the Resort Lock or eRentalLock online systems each time. More importantly, it will ensure that any changes made to the arrival/departure dates/times will result in a new code being obtained immediately and automatically - no forgetting to update the code when you grant them early check-in or add an extra day to the end of their stay.
  8. The lock codes can be automatically inserted into the predefined or custom email templates for sending to your guests
  9. Purchase your locks from the Products Page and get FREE shipping.