Vacation Rental Management for busy people!

Manage reservations with ease

Once you have a reservation, there are a few things you need to do in the time before they arrive and after departure. Most owners send out confirmations, payment reminders, arrival information and a departure letter to guests as well as notifications to their cleaner and/or management company. Some add additional notifications, such as for upcoming events and other useful info.

Guest information and status

Record all of your guest information - what's due, what's been paid, guest list with ages, email communications and any custom information that you may have (such as a safe code, WiFi access key or anything else).

Set up reminders to make management easy

With MyVRZone, reminders can be defined for the way you do business with a manual or automatic send-email actions. These reminders create a to-do item when the conditions are met that either waits for you to deal with it manually or will be done right then. This means that the owner only needs to look at the list of to-do items and from that list, perform the action (eg. send the Arrival information). It make managing reservations centralized and very easy. There's a quick view of the email history available from the to-do list for each reservation so you can quickly see what's happened in the past.

Use reminders to perform an action a number of days before or after a Trigger event that also matches some other criteria. Trigger events are things such as:

  1. Quote/Reservation Email not opened - send follow-up if email has not been opened
  2. Reservation Date - eg. for a reminder that the initial deposit is due
  3. Arrival Date - eg. for a reminder that the final balance is due
  4. Departure Date - eg. for sending a welcome home email, returning the deposit, requesting feedback
  5. Payment Due Dates - eg. For reminders of upcoming payments due
  6. Receipt of Booking Deposit or Full Payment - eg. for sending out the pre-arrival information such as keys, code and directions
  7. Reservation change in status - eg. to notify your cleaners or local property manager
  8. more…

Each reminder can be set to exclude certain reservations, payments or emails occurring before/after dates in order to exclude, say, older reservations that have completed. In addition there are other restrictions that can be chosen, such as must be fully paid up, not cancelled, non-zero rent etc, See this KnowledgeBase item for more details.

Review the To-Do list

A simple To-Do list is generated automatically to keep track of which manual actions are still pending:

  1. Look at this regularly to see what needs to be done (eg notify Property Manager of Reservation change)
  2. Click a button on the report to perform the actions right there (eg. send email reminder)
  3. Send emails to the Guest or your management company (eg. when a reservation changes)

Reservation-specific to-do items are displayed when that reservation is being viewed as well as in the full to-do list of all items in the system, so the to-do items can be completed from either place.

Email Templates - predefined or custom

Customizable html-formatted email templates are provided for most parts of the rental process. Use the predefined ones below and customize as needed:

  1. Quote/Reservation Email Followup - send a simple (spam-avoiding) email with a link to the original email
  2. Booking Form Received - acknowledge that you have received a booking form
  3. Booking Confirmation - officially confirm a guest’s reservation
  4. Payment Reminder - friendly reminder that a payment is due soon
  5. Payment Overdue - payment has not been received
  6. Payment Receipt - payment has been received
  7. Arrival Letter - everything a guest needs for arrival
  8. Welcome Home - let the guests know what will happen next (usually regarding any security deposit)
  9. Closing Letter - close out the reservation and request feedback
  10. Reservation Change - notify your property manager of a change
  11. Blank (with/without stationery) - blank email for sending whatever you want

Newsletters, Special offers

Create newsletters and other marketing emails to send to your past guests and inquirers to make the most out of your existing contacts. Create an email template and set a reminder to figure out who it should be sent to and when.

Door keypads

If you use Resort Lock or eRental Lock equipment then your entry codes can be generated automatically and put into the reservation.  They will be updated automatically if the reservation dates or arrival/departure times change. They will show up in the Arrival letter or wherever you want it to in a custom email. See this article for more information about locks