Vacation Rental Management for busy people!

New reservations with no data-entry by owner

When you take in a new booking, or reservation, the guest completes the online Booking Form (including the Guest List) - you don’t need to send them anything other than the link to the form (done automatically with Quoted Online Booking). Your Terms are there with the booking form and they read and agree to them electronically so there’s no paperwork. No double-bookings are possible.

After submission, a new reservation is created with all of the booking form information (no re-typing anything). In addition, both the owner and the guest are emailed with what was entered into the booking form, along with a copy of the Terms and Conditions that the guest agreed to at that time - just in case you change the Terms in future.

If you take PayPal payments (of any form) or use the integrated Credit Card merchant account then the guest can make a payment right away and have that appear in their reservation automatically.

  1. It’s all part of the "Quoted Online Booking" flow after the Quote has been sent
  2. Online Bookings provide automatic email confirmations - double-booking is not possible
  3. Take online credit card payments (when using the integrated merchant account) straight into the reservation
  4. Don’t enter any information into the system yourself - it all comes from the guest
  5. Set the reservation status to Confirmed when you are OK with it and send a Confirmation email using the customizable templates
  6. Guest can make payments online via PayPal or Credit Card if you have the integrated merchant account
  7. Online payments are recorded in the new reservation automatically and decrease the amount owed

You can always enter reservations directly into the system if you need to or direct guests to a generic online booking form if you do not choose to use the Quoted Online Booking system.