Vacation Rental Management for busy people!

Simplify Bookings Online

There are two types of online booking available - each results in the guest completing a Booking Form: choosing any options, agreeing to your terms & conditions, cancellation policy and minimum age. After completion, the owner is sent a notification email and the reservation is entered into your account where it can be further reviewed before being confirmed. The guest can make online payments right away if that's what you want.

Quoted Online Booking (QOB)

This allows the guest to book online from any quote that you have sent them by email. A special link in the email allows them to go online, view the quote, and complete the booking form. Nothing can be booked unless you have sent them a quote (you can always disable the quote later).

Unattended Online Booking (UOB) - for your website

This method allows you to place the booking calendar on your own website and have guests get quotes and book right there. It's customizable in the same way as the regular calendar so it can blend into your own website easily. Try it out here: