Vacation Rental Management for busy people!

Pay advertisers that perform

How do you know if you should pay that advertiser/listing site at renewal time? You need to know how many bookings you received from them and how good the leads have been,Some listing sites and advertisers produce many inquiries but few bookings, and others are the other way around.

As MyVRZone keeps track of where inquiries come from and whether they turn into reservations, you can see a full report showing you inquiries made, responded to and converted into bookings. Another reports shows you the booking revenue that each advertiser has provided, showing you the ones that gave the best average revenue per day booked.

Track sources of inquiries and reservations

  1. Each Inquiry and Reservation has 2 source fields for tracking where it came from
  2. You want to know if requests coming through your own website are coming from an advertising site so that you can continue to list with them. You can thus record:
  3. Direct Referral - where the inquiry has just come from (eg your website)
  4. Indirect Referral - where the original referral came from (eg. an advertiser’s link to your website)
  5. The reports will show you whether they are providing junk or good leads

Review Performance before paying advertisers again

  1. Inquiry Report shows how many inquiries there are per advertiser and what happened to them
  2. See how much revenue you made per advertiser
  3. See which dates they booked out - easy high season or harder lower seasons?

Partner Listing Sites

  1. All active properties will be listed on “Partner Listing Sites” that cover your location/area.
  2. You don’t need to do anything other than ensure that your property information is updated in one place - descriptions and up to 12 photos
  3. All Partner Listing Sites are performance-based - you pay nothing unless you make a booking
  4. There are no listing fees
  5. If you make a successful booking then you would pay the site $5 per night booked