Vacation Rental Management for busy people!

Online payment straight to reservation (Credit Card/PayPal)


MyVRZone uses a secure version of the owner’s MyVRZone-provided "mini-site" for the Guest to view their reservations and make payments. This “GuestZone” is all about the owner and their properties and is not linked to other owners or properties. It’s a safe and secure place for Guests to interact with their reservation.

Credit Cards has integrated a number of Credit Card gateways so that your guests can pay online with ease and from a page that gives them confidence that they are dealing with the Owner. Most credit card payment systems (shopping carts) often take you away from the main website for payment and the new page is generic and often confusing.

An evaluation of the different credit card providers out there has produced a comparison of the various fees at this link. Consequently, has teamed up with eCom as the preferred supplier. eCom use as the payment gateway and this is fully integrated in to such that all payments made are associated with your reservations and entered there automatically.

As Credit Card payments require security, they must be done using the https or SSL protocols - these require a certificate on your website and not many people have these on their VR website. The GuestZone provides all that is needed to make this secure.

It is possible to include the credit card form on an owners website but they will need to purchase and install the SSL certificate as well as some additional work to link the payment to a specific reservation. If you want to do this then contact us directly.


If you have a regular PayPal account then MyVRZone will create payment buttons in the GuestZone that ensure the Guest will pay the correct amount. It distinguishes between a rent payment and a refundable payment (such as a security deposit) to make it easy to refund afterwards - all from within the management system.

Using this you would not need to send out a PayPal money request - the reminder system will allow you to send emails and let you know when a refund is due. The Guest clicks a link in the email to go online an make the payment.

Any payment that the Guest makes this way will be recorded in your reservation automatically - no need to enter the amount manually.

Integration provides automatic integration with the Quoted Online Booking flow - as soon as a booking has been made the guest can make a payment with their credit card or via PayPal and you can have the Booking Form and Initial Payment within a few minutes of each other all in your reservation system - and all you did was send a Quote that took you a few seconds!