Vacation Rental Management for busy people!

Report taxes, status and advertiser performance

Often you’ll need to report the payment status of each reservation, submit monthly tax information, review advertiser performance annually or just want to see the To-do list. There are numerous reports that get you the information you need to manage your vacation rental property.

  1. Tax Summary - detailed multi-tax information for monthly/annual filings per property.
    Use the standard tax report to see your taxes due on each reservation, grouped and summed by property. The time period can be set for your individual needs and each tax is listed for those with more than one tax to pay.
  2. To-do List - all of the pending actions needed over all of your reservations
    Just click on a button next to the action to perform the action or ignore it if it’s not relevant any longer
  3. Check-in/out - what’s coming up/back-to-back for you and your cleaners and/or property manager
  4. Vacancy/Gap Summary - which dates are still available - should you make special offers to fill them
  5. Reservation Status - all reservations showing and payments due
  6. Guest List - all guest contact details
  7. Payment Status - detailed payment information by reservation
  8. Referral Summary - referrer performance by property - revenue, days booked and averages
    Focuses on the reservations that you have made to see where the bookings came from.
  9. Inquiry Summary - where have the inquiries been coming from and how many converted to bookings
    Focuses on the leads you are getting, how many you respond to and which turn into bookings

What else can you do with the reports?

You may want to do more than just look at the reports, there are other options that allow you to either print them, manipulate the data in a spreadsheet or send them to others bu email.

  1. Print them
  2. Create a link to them that retains all the date and filter settings
  3. Send them by email
  4. Download them as a spreadsheet