Vacation Rental Management for busy people!

Vacation Rental Referral Network for more inquiries

Qualified inquiries from the first owner-oriented VR Referral Network introduced the VR Referral Network back in early 2005 so that owners could share their own overflow bookings and make it easier to find properties that were located near others when looking for accommodation for large groups.

Owners that produce lots of inquiries through their own marketing efforts are able to recoup some revenue by offering their overflow to others in the area. Owners that need more bookings have another source of inquiries. Everyone wins.

Network membership is automatic and free. If an owner makes a successful booking then they pay the originating owner a referral fee of $5 per night booked. Very simple, no risk!

Benefits summary:

  1. Receive rental requests from other owners in your area or community
  2. Send overflow requests to other owners in your area or community and earn referral fees
  3. Help locate additional properties for your guests requiring multiple properties
  4. Provide a valued customer service experience for potential guests that you are unable to accommodate
    It’s often hard for travelers to do find other accommodation so any assistance is always welcomed and they are likely to remember you for future travels.

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