Vacation Rental Management for busy people!

Save Time

Many vacation rental owners become slaves to their property. It's not because of any particular problem, it's that competition can be fierce and the desire to do do a good job.

Inquiries come in 24/7 and responding to them quickly is critical - and this can lead to mistakes in rate calculations or missing info using the common standard email template approach where the name, dates and rates need to be calculated/added manually.Responding to inquiries can be much simpler if a machine finds available dates and creates possible quotation(s), then puts them inside an email that it has generated containing all of the inquirers information, ready for you to edit/approve and send. How about it taking a few seconds per inquiry with no errors and looking very professional?

Getting a new booking often means sending out a Booking Form with the Terms and Conditions, getting it faxed/mailed back and then entering the data into your booking tracking system, along with the payment if that was included. Without some kind of online booking system, bookings for the same dates may be requested and the owner has to decide who gets the dates. How about no paperwork? The guest books online after you've sent them an email with quotations that you are wiling to honor - they agree to your terms, cancellation policy and minimum age requirement electronically; the reservation is entered into your account automatically; and finally the guest makes their initial payment by PayPal or Credit Card and that shows up in their new reservation. Check it out the reservation in your account and turn it into a Confirmed booking if you are happy with it.

For each reservation you have, payments become due, arrival information needs to be sent out and departure letters/refunds made. It's easy to forget these or even send them out more than once if there's more than one human involved in the management. The problem is that most owners do things their way - sending out notices at different times about things that they think are important for the guest to know - it's more than just Payment reminders! How about setting up reminders that add items to your to-do list for each reservation when something becomes due - each reminder can send a custom email to the guest or someone else? What if you could have some of those reminders go out automatically so you never have to do it manually? Now you can - unlimited, custom reminders to help you work the way you want to.

How can this online vacation rental management software save you time?

  1. Professional online Vacation Rental Management Software tools for responding to inquiries quickly & manage reservations the way you do business. Instantly see what needs doing with custom automatable reminders and then do it simply with customisable email templates.
  2. It can take as little as 5 seconds to respond to an email or website inquiry with a nicely formatted email that can show multiple quotes, multiple currencies and the property photo's for each one quoted along with its marketing material.
  3. With the Quoted Online Booking™ system we have seen fully paid and confirmed bookings in the space of 15 minutes from an inquiry arriving. This is not typical but shows that the procedure is fast, easy and doesn't require any further typing. It's up to you to simply confirm the booking and quickly send a pretty confirmation email to the guest using an email template and stationery.
  4. Never forget - use the reminders to define your business process and then follow it via the automatic To-Do list. View the To-Do list per reservation or over all reservations and actually action them with a single click (eg. send a reminder email). When you are confident that your business process and actions are working well you can even make a reminder action itself automatically when due (eg. a friendly Welcome Home letter on the days after departure).