Vacation Rental Management for busy people!

Track true advertiser performance automatically

When it comes time for renewing a subscription at an advertising/listing site, you need to see how well they have done for you. You only want to pay advertisers that have been producing results for you. Sometimes the real source of the booking is not clear if the original inquiry came through your own website - did the visitor get there through a search or was it from an advertising site that has a link to your own website?

MyVRZone tracks two potential sources for each inquiry/reservation so that you can track more accurately where the inquiries are coming from - the last thing you want to do is stop paying an advertiser that is generating inquiries on your own website that often turn into bookings. As the inquiries may not be coming directly from that advertising to you you may not realize how good they are.

Reports generated by the MyVRZone vacation rental management software show you inquiries and bookings attributed to each advertiser in a way that makes it easy to know who is worth keeping.

  1. Inquiry sources are automatically tracked from the list of Advertisers that you use. Custom/Private sources can also be defined to track inquiries from your own website forms or however else you wish to track them.
  2. Each inquiry, quote and reservation allows two referral sources to be associated with it to make it easier to track what really happens. One source is called the Direct one and the second the Indirect one. The system ensures that the sources are maintained correctly in going from an initial inquiry to a reservation.
  3. With two sources it is possible to track a direct inquiry that came via your own website as well as the indirect advertising site that provided the link to your site in the first place. This way the true value of the advertiser's link can be evaluated.
  4. Use the MyVRZone Vacation Rental Management Software reports for analysing referrer performance - for all bookings that you have and for all inquiries.