Vacation Rental Management for busy people!

Integratable forms for your property website

Most vacation rental property websites need a way for visitors to see the Availability, view the Guest Book and enter Feedback, see the Rates, Inquire about some dates and even make a Booking,

Creating forms for Inquiries, Booking and Feedback is not that straight forward, though there are tools available that make this easier. Such forms result in an email being sent to the owner with the collected data listed there. With the MyVRZone vacation rental management software you can add these forms to your property website very simply, and have all of their data entered into the management tools automatically (as well sending you an email).

The Availability calendar, guest Book and Rates are things that can change often, so having these as fixed text on your website means needing to make updates  quite often. The MyVRZone vacation rental management software gives you these for inclusion in your site with one edit, and then automatically updates them as your reservations, feedback and rates change.

If you have your own website, then MyVRZone's Vacation Rental Management Software allows you to easily integrate the following:

  1. Calendar - display your calendar with configurable colors and layouts (including a multi-property view).
  2. Rates - display your seasonal rates they are always up-to-date.
  3. Mini-site - this can be embedded with optional navigation for a quick setup at your own domain
  4. Request Form - fully validating with date flexibility capture and referral source
  5. Booking Form - collect all of the reservation information from the guest
  6. Feedback Form - collect guest comments from their stay
  7. Guestbook - show your approved guest comments.
  8. Online Payments - accept Credit Card payments 24/7.