Vacation Rental Management for busy people!

Don't spend time re-entering data from emails and forms

There are many aspects of vacation rental management that involve getting the inquirer or guest to enter information into a form - sometimes paper and sometimes online - and then having it sent to the owner. The owner then takes that information and enters it into their reservation tracking/management system - spreadsheet, file or other system. This all takes time to copy/paste or transcribe and is prone to error in that process.

Most of the data capture can be done online with forms to make it easier for the guest to complete and for the owner to read - but often the data captured in the form is simply emailed to the owner for them to copy/paste into their own system. Payments are usually paper checks or electronic (PayPal, Bank Transfer or Credit Card) and need to be entered manually each time.

Booking Forms have lots on information - Dates, Rates, Options, Contact details and hopefully the Guest List - putting this into another tracking system take a while. If you don't have many to do, then this is maybe OK although there is still room for errors to creep in. Why not have the captured form data go straight into the reservation tracking system and avoid the additional time and potential transcription errors?

MyVRZone has fully integrated Request and Booking forms that go straight into the management system for either responding to as inquiries or confirming as new reservations. In addition, payments made via PayPal or the integrated Credit Card provider go straight into the reservation system.

  1. The Booking Form that the guest completes online includes all contact information, full guest list and consent to the terms and conditions that you provide. The form is emailed to the guest and the owner and a reservation is entered into the system automatically.
  2. When the Booking Form is completed in response to a quote that they received via MyVRZone's Vacation Rental Management Software then the booking is a Quoted Online Booking™ and is considered qualified and entered into the system as a Pending booking and blocks future bookings that overlap it.
  3. If not a Quoted Online Booking™ then the reservation is entered as Tentative and does not prevent future bookings overlapping with it until you have checked and approved it by moving it to a Pending or Confirmed status.
  4. Pending and Confirmed reservations can take Credit Card payments online using the integrated payment system. The Guest views their reservation securely online and clicks on Pay and/or Authorize buttons to make a payment or create an authorization (eg. for a Security Deposit). A payment summary is emailed and added to the system automatically.