Vacation Rental Management for busy people!

Ready-made property website kept up-to-date automatically

Having your own property website is a great way to provide additional information to inquirers that is either not possible or not permitted at your advertising/listing sites. You can add as many photos as you like and say whatever you want!

Not everyone has the time or skill to create their own property website, or to keep it up-to-date once up and running.

What if you don't have your own website?

If you do not have your own property website you can direct potential renters to your Mini-Site. This is a ready-made property website created by the MyVRZone vacation rental management software that contains everything you need to get online with very little effort on your part - add your property information, upload photos and you are ready!

  1. You have a unique URL that displays only your properties and all the forms needed for full online management with the following pages:
    1. Overview - Property & Community Description, up to 12 Photos & 2-month interactive Calendar
    2. Availability - 8-month interactive calendar, with multi-property view
    3. GuestBook - all of your approved feedback, nicely presented
    4. Feedback - secure guest feedback from their stay
    5. Quotes - securely shows quotes sent to the traveler when linked from a valid URL or logged in.
    6. Pay Now - secure online payment by Integrated Credit Card provider
    7. Reservations - securely shows existing reservations for a guest when linked from a valid URL or logged in.
  2. There are no links to other properties and no advertising of services to distract your potential guests. You work hard to market to these travelers, so keep them focused on your property with MyVRZone's Vacation Rental Management Software.