Vacation Rental Management for busy people!

Professional Quotes in seconds

It's well known that responding to inquiries quickly gives you a better chance of making a booking. This drives owners to create quick ways of calculating rates, answering questions and preparing an email to send back. These are commonly in the form of templates in either your email client (Outlook, Gmail) or in some kind of word processor - MS Word or OpenOffice Writer.

When a new request comes in, the dates are checked against the availability (maybe a spreadsheet or some online calendar), then the rate is calculated and perhaps adjusted by some optional item, discount, surcharge. If the dates are not available or suitable then alternative sets of dates may be quoted. If there's more than one property, then more quotations may be calculated for that. Once that is done, the response template is taken and the inquirer's name is inserted, along with however many quotes were generated - each with dates and rates and showing options etc. Any questions would also be answered. Then the template is saved/copied and attached/pasted into your email client if not there already and the inquirer's email is added to the To list and the email is sent.

That's a lot to do for every inquiry, and there is the possibility of introducing errors at every step. If the owner is getting many inquiries a day then this can be very tedious. What if you could do all that, except for asnwering specific questions, in a few seconds per inquiry - without any errors? As many of the items are purely repetitive and based upon things you can define (rates, availability, discounts etc) then this is ideal for a machine to do.

This is how you free up your time with MyVRZone:

  1. Forward your email inquiries to MyVRZone's Vacation Rental Management Software and view/respond to them with a click of your mouse. Emails are analysed to pick up the request information and suggested quotations generated automatically. You can choose to include, deselect or edit these quotes or even add a new one of your own. Add comments or answers to questions then click Send to email it or Preview/Edit to let you see and edit it before sending.
  2. If you have multiple properties that match the request, they can be offered at the same time.
  3. Optional items (such as pool heat) can be set up to be included automatically in the quotes. Choose to offer an item throughout the year or just for specific date ranges - pool heat only during colder dates for example. It's up to you what options you define and when to include them. Options can even be set to allow guests to select/deselect them during Quoted Online Booking if you wish (eg. Cash-only discount).
  4. For better Yield management and when the requested dates are not available, the system offers alternate quotes that either leave no gaps or align to your preferred arrival day of the week. Just uncheck the box next to the quote to exclude it.
  5. One or two currencies can be quoted based upon an exchange rate that you set - giving you the control over any exchange charges.