Vacation Rental Management for busy people!

Simple status and performance reports

Whether you want to check on the payment status of your reservations, send a check-in/out report to your cleaner or submit your taxes, you'll need reports to show you the information needed. The MyVRZone vacation rental management software tools provide these reports for viewing, printing, emailing and downloading as a spreadsheet for further manipulation.

  1. Many MyVRZone Vacation Rental Management Software reports are available for viewing on-screen, emailing, printing or downloading to a Spreadsheet:
  2. Todo List - all of the actions needed over all of your reservations: Payment reminders, Arrival Letters, Welcome Home emails and more
  3. Check-in/out - what's coming up/back-to-back for you and your cleaners and/or property manager
  4. Gap Summary - which dates are still available, should you make special offers to fill them
  5. Reservation Status - all reservations showing and payments due
  6. Guest List - guest contact details
  7. Payment Status - detailed payment information by reservation
  8. Referral Summary - referrer performance by property - revenue,days booked and averages
  9. Tax Summary - detailed tax information for monthly/annual filings. The system deals with multiple taxes (eg. Sales Tax and Occupancy Tax) and with rate change schedules on each
  10. Filters allow you to select various date ranges (with presets), order status and specific properties in order to create the reports that you need. Once the filters are working for you then bookmark the page in order to go back to it easily in future.