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Calendar availability synchronization with major listing sites

How many availability calendars do you have - your own website, your reservation tracking system (spreadsheet?), advertisers such as the HomeAway sites, your desktop PC and maybe your mobile phone? With all of the advertisers that there are with their own availability calendars, it can be a pretty time-consuming job to keep them all updated - often to the point where only a few are actually kept up-to-date.

It gets especially frustrating when your listing rank depends on how recently your availability was updated - such as at the HomeAway sites.

You can keep your own website calendar up-to-date by embedding the MyVRZone Vacation Rental Management Software's customizable availability calendar on it - choose colors and number of months displayed etc. It will always be in sync with the reservations stored in the system, so you never need to do anything to update it.

Many of the large advertiser/listing site's availability calendars can be updated by the MyVRZone's VRSync service automatically whenever there is a change, so you can have them kept up-to-date in the same way that your own website's availability calendar is kept up-to-date without you having to do anything. You can see which advertisers are currently supported in the list below.

Finally, your PC and mobile calendars can be kept up-to-date using the iCal feed that MyVRZone provides - see your reservations get updated there with a one-time setup.

How does the VRSync service work?

Choose which sources of availability should be looked at for changes and then which should be updated with any changes. This is done automatically, at least once a day by default. See more about this here.

Synchronization can also be performed manually from within the software management tools if required.

Which availability calendars are supported?

The following list of calendar sources and targets are supported:

    Updated listing sites
    These sites can be synchronized both ways automatically:
  4. (formerly
  6. //
  8. (since Feb 2014, subscription listings only)
    Sites that can take an iCAL feed/url can be updated, for example
  1. AirBnB
  2. FlipKey
  3. Many more
    Use MyVRZone's iCAL feed/url, for Personal and Mobile Calendars:
  1. Your own website
  2. Google Calendars
  3. MS Outlook Calendars
  4. Windows Calendar
  5. iPod, iPhone, iPad
  6. Android
  7. BlackBerry
  8. ... and many others
    Other updates
  1. All MyVRZone Partner Listing Sites
  2. Any number of MyVRZone calendars used by your own website
    ...more synchronizations are added on demand