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How do I create a customized calendar? allows owners to display a automatically updating calendar on their own website. There's a default theme for the look of the calendar but the owner can choose from alternative pre-defined themes or create a custom one that fully matches their existing site. This is available to all plan levels.

For your own website

There are 2 ways to provide availability on your own web site:

  1. Embed the calendar on your site, as part of an existing page
    Use an HTML "iframe" tag
    Use a "script" tag - NEW, recommended
  2. Have a link to a page that just displays the calendar
    An HTML "a" tag with href attribute is needed for this

The Calendar Format page (below) will create the iframe and href attribute for you so that you can simply paste them into your site. There are 3 pages that help get you what you need:

Choose a theme

Choose the default theme from the predefined themes or the "custom" one that you can define as per the next section. If you want to create a custom theme then do that first then come back and set the theme to "custom" so that you don't have a live version of the calendar changing as you refine your custom colors etc.

Click here to choose a default theme

Customize Theme (advanced)

Here you can define a set of colors for use by your calendar. You will need to have some familiarity with CSS colors as the colors are defined as CSS color numbers (I will add a color picker in future). You can see the results of your changes right there on the screen. See this link for colors and numbers that you can choose from.

If you know that one of the predefined themes (see page above) is close to what you want then select it on the left and click the button to copy that theme as a starting point for your own custom colors. Then edit the colors that you want to change and save until you are done.

Once ready, go to the Choose a Theme page (above) and set your default theme to "custom".

Click here to set your custom theme

Calendar Format (advanced)

When you want to display a calendar on your own website, you may want to change the number of months that are displayed and how many months are in a row etc. so that it fits better into your site.

IFRAME method

This is where you can choose different ways of viewing the calendar - and when done you can just copy the HTML that is shown just above the calendar there to add it to your website. You can "embed" the calendar as an IFRAME or just have a "link" to it on your own site.

Click here to create a look for your calendar

SCRIPT method (recommended)

Please see this page for details on setting this up.

Updating Availability

The availability is determined by the reservations in your account. Use VRSync to keep those up-to-date with external listing sites and other sources of availability.

Click here for more info on Synchronization

Other useful info

Running a manual calendar synchronization

Getting availability on gcal, outlook, iphone etc

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