Vacation Rental Management for busy people!

Cancel a reservation

Reservations cannot be deleted - they can only be canceled.

When you need to make a cancellation:

  1. First follow the guide here if you need to make any refunds.
  2. Send a cancellation notice to the guest in the reservation
  3. Check the "Cancelled" checkbox on the first Reservation tab
  4. Click Save.

This reservation will then not show up in the drop-down reservation list by default - open the "+" to the left to change what is included in the drop-down list.


The reservation will only show up in reports if there is a net amount paid (and therefor may need to be taxed) or if the balance is not zero.


Any reminders that have the "Apply to cancelled" checkbox checked will still process the reservation as normal. This is how the system will still remind you if you need to make a refund payment even though the reservation is cancelled.