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Setup>Main >> Account>Credit Cards

If you accept credit cards then use this tab to tell the system about it.

There are a few options and implications in what you choose from the drop-down list:

Credit Cards Accepted

When the NONE option is selected, the credit card payment option is not displayed. For all other cases the option will be displayed to guests and you can select which credit cards you accept using the checkboxes that will be displayed below.

Payment Methods: Make sure that your payment methods are set up to accept credit cards in the currency (USD) on the Setup>Main >> Account>Currencies tab

Using an Integrated Merchant Account Provider

If you use (via eComm Preferred Provider) or Quantum (via CDGC Preferred Provider) then you can use the integrated services for taking payments from your guests online and having the payment entered directly into the reservation.

Online payments can be made directly by the guest from the Guest Zone or can be entered by the owner via a link on theReservations >> Payments tab.

See the next section for testing your account...

Setting up your account

There is extensive help on this in the MyVRZone system when logged in so please follow those instructions for your provider to get set up.

Automatic clearing: Be sure to set your merchant provider's online account to process transactions automatically over night. Without that, transactions will accumulate in your account but never be processed. If you have followed the on-screen instructions to set up the account then this will already be configured correctly.

Testing your account (using or Quantum gateways)

In this section I suggest how you can check that your merchant account setup is working by processing a small amount in a "live mode" transaction

Note that your merchant account should not be set up to immediately process any transactions - let it batch them up  so you have the opportunity to void them if needed. This is a requirement for the following tests to work and is good practice.

Do a test transaction:

  • Make sure that your merchant account is NOT in its Test Mode (for see Home>Account>Settings>Security Settings - this is the default mode on initial account activation)
  • Log in to your merchant account up in your browser showing all unsettled transactions.
  • In a different browser window, log in to and create a reservation for yourself ("Add New" from the dropdown list in the top-left). Set some future dates and click Save.
  • Then add a small dollar amount (say, $11) in the reservation's Quote tab - click Save
  • Add an email address and name for the guest in the Guest tab (use one of your own email addresses) - click Save.
  • Click the blue "Make Payment" button on the Reservation's Payments tab - a new browser window will open showing the reservation
  • Click on the blue "PAY ...." button that should be showing in the "Make a Payment" section of the Reservation summary
  • Enter your own, real, ccard info and submit and confirm the transaction

If this is successfully processed you should:

  • See the transacation in your merchant account (refresh the unsettled transactions browser page)
  • See the payment arrive in the reservation's Payments tab (refresh the MyVRZone reservation page by clicking the "Cancel" button)
  • Receive an email as the guest (and as the owner if you use different email addresses)

Now you should: & Quantum only:

  • Void the transaction from the MyVRZone reservation - see the buttons shown to the left of the payment - click on the "X" icon to void it
  • Check that the unsettled transaction was voided in your merchant account by refreshing that page again.

Other merchant accounts:

  • Void the transaction from the MyVRZone reservation - see the buttons shown to the left of the payment - click on the "X" icon to void it
  • Manually void the unsettled transaction in your merchant account.

If all of the above works as expected then you are ready to go. If not, then check out the problems section below and  if you still are unable to get this is work just send in a support request.


If you run into any problems then you can always manage your transactions via the merchant provider's online account if you are unable to, say, void a transaction from the MyVRZone account.

No payment button visible in the Guest Reservation?

  • Make sure that your payment methods are set up to accept credit cards in the currency (USD) on the Setup>Main >> Account>Currencies tab

No Reservation displayed after clicking the blue "Make Payments" button?

  • Ensure that there is a guest email address entered for the reservation

No "Pay" button in the guest reservation?

  • Ensure that there is a due amount entered for the reservation
  • Ensure that you have included the CCard payment methods for your currencies in the Setup>Main >> Account>Currencies tab

This reservation is not yet approved for making payments?

Tentative reservations cannot have payments made against them - change the status of the reservations to Pending or Confirmed and payments will be allowed.

Payment Transaction is failing?

When you get a failed transaction it will say why in the screen message. This should help you figure

out if there was an issue in the setup of the account or just with the credit card information itself.

  • Check that you have entered the correct merchant account login information into your MyVRZone account at Setup>Main > Account>Credit Cards