Vacation Rental Management for busy people!

Send newsletters and follow-ups to past guests?

You can use the reminder system to send emails to past guests for newsletters and reminding them about you at some period after their last booking date or arrival date.

Sending a Newsletter or Reservation Followup

Newsletters would be sent whenever you decide you want to send one (rather than related to any particular dates in each reservation).
Reservation follow-ups would be sent so many days after departure or after the booking date in order to see if the guest wants to book again. This is a reminder that you are still here.


  1. Create your newsletter or follow-up as a new email template from the Email - Templates page. Add any tokens you need to personalize the letter as much as possible.
  2. Create a new Reminder and do the following:
    • For Newsletters: Set the Trigger to be 1 day after Departure Date (this will instantly apply to all completed reservations), check the "Once Per Guest" checkbox so that only one is sent if a guest has more than one reservation and finally check the "Skip Opt Outs". You may also want to check the "Skip Bad Guests" checkbox too.
      For guests that ask to "Opt-out" of your newsletters, check that box in one of their reservations - on the "Reservations >> Guest" tab. In the same place, you can set the guest as a "Bad Guest" to mark them for exclusion too.
    • For Follow-ups: Set the Trigger to be X day(s) after Departure Date or Reservation Date. Set X to 365 for the 1 year anniversary. If one assumes that people plan vacation at the same time each year, then you may want to make this reminder happen, say, 330 days after the Reservation Date.
    • Add date restrictions if you want to limit how far back you go and how far forward. Set the restrictions on Arrival Dates and/or Reservation Dates as appropriate.
    • Set the Status preference to "Confirmed" so only previously confirmed reservations are considered.
    • You may want to select other Preferences, but typically not.
    • DO NOT select "Do Automatically" at this time.
    • Set the action to Send Email and choose the newsletter or follow-up you created in 1/ above and have it sent to the Guest.
  3. Save the Reminder.
  4. Look at the top of the saved Reminder to see the number of active todo's there are - see if it's what you expected.
  5. Click on your To-Do list to see which reservations have had new to-do items created for them.
  6. If reservations are being included that you think should not be, then go back to step 2 to adjust the Date Restrictions and Preferences.
  7. When you are OK with the todo-items created go back to the Reminder setup and check the "Do Automatically" checkbox.
  8. Save the changes and ALL of the emails will be sent out - it may take a long time for the page to come back.
    If the page times-out then you can re-load it and save again - any emails already sent will not be sent again.
  9. For Newsletters, disable the reminder so that it's not sent out automatically in future.

NOTE: You are fully responsible for dealing with any spam or opt-in/out requirements that laws may impose.