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Inquiry email information is not being picked up

Inquiries from Advertising sites usually come by email and in formats that are very different from eachother.

For MyVRZone to pull out the request information, it needs to know about the format in advance. If you look at the "Setup>Main >> Advertisers+synchronization>Referrers" tab you'll see a list of the known advertisers. Each one that has an "e" symbol to their left will be recognized by the system - the others will not.

Adding more advertisers

If you receive emails from an advertiser that the system does not currently recognize then you can tell us about it and we'll add it to the list. Send us an email telling us you'd like us to add a new advertiser, and then in a separate email forward an original email from the advertiser. The forwarded email should be the same as the original that you received.