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Review/Vet a booking before accepting it?

This question relates to the submission of online booking forms.

If you are using the Platinum plan and Quoted Online Booking ("QOB" - where you send a quote in an email and the guest can book that quote online), the default setting for reservations is Pending when submitted. This blocks out the dates and allows the guest to make payment right away.

You can tell the system to set all QOB bookings as Tentative instead at the Setup>Main >> Account>Info tab - choose a setting in the "QOB Submit Status" dropdown.

What's the difference?

With Tentative you may get two people thinking that they have booked their dates but if they are overlapping then one will have to be cancelled and may prove disappointing to that guest. However, you get to review each submission before allowing payment.

With Pending you may choose to cancel a booking for some reason if the booking looks wrong and you could have had another booking in the meantime. However, you'll not have to explain to a guest why their booking was rejected over another.

Which should I choose for QOB?

Typically, leaving it as Pending (the default) would create less hassle all round. If a guest submits a booking form, pays and you then discover that there's an issue with the booking then you can cancel it and give them a refund. If this only happens occasionally, and if the reasons for cancelling are all covered in your terms, then it should be easy to explain why their booking could not be accepted.

If you find that many submissions have to be rejected, then set it to Tentative and also review your Terms for clarity so that you can work towards having a Pending status by default.