Vacation Rental Management for busy people!

Disable a quote that was sent out

If you've responded to a request with a quote for some dates/rates that you'd like to cancel, then do the following:

  1. Find the original quotation in the Done folder of the Requests page
    Use the search box if you need to - enter their email address or name.
  2. Click on the request.
  3. Go to the History window at the bottom and click on the "+" sign next to the "Request" that was sent out
    The system shows you the individual quotes that were sent out separately and - these will be recorded at the same time as the email was sent.
  4. Find the Quote(s) that you want to disable and click the blue "Disable Quote" button above it
    You can restore the quote later if you wish by clicking the blue button that will now say "Enable Quote" rather than "Disable Quote"

Note that the guest is not sent anything as a result of disabling a quote, so they will not know unless you tell them, or they look and see that the original quote is not available any more.