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Return Refundable (Security/Damage) deposit?

When you have taken and recorded a refundable payment in a reservation you may want to make a partial or full refund of that amount at the end of the reservation. A partial refund may be due to some issues that require you keep some of it - this is effectively an extra payment required from the guest.

For Partial refunds - add the extra amount that you want to charge for:

  • Add a specific Extra amount in the Reservation page's Quote tab by opening the Rent/Refunds/Extras section at the bottom-left of the Reservations >> Quote tab

This method keeps the original amount owed the same and records an explicit Extra amount that is shown as a separate item in the default stationery templates. It will be clear to everyone why there is an additional amount.

At the end of the reservation:

  1. Send a Return letter that shows the amount of refund due. The system will show this by default in the predefined stationery and templates.
  2. Enter your refund payment and record it in the system as an outgoing payment. The amount you return should be the original amount less any Extra amount.
    This works the same for credit card or PayPal payments when you issue a refund on the original transaction - enter the reduced amount to be refunded.
  3. If you write a check, you could include a copy of the return letter showing the Extra amount due in the letter.
  4. The system will now show no balance due.

NOTE: Normally, the system will keep the refundable and non-refundable amounts separate - they have their own schedules and both must be up-to-date before arrival. After departure, however, the system considers any remaining non-refundable amounts due (eg because of an Extra amount added) to be covered by any refundable amount credit (eg because you refunded less than the orignal amount paid).

NOTE for Automatic reminders: If you use automatically executed reminders that trigger on Payments being owed or overdue, then following the above sequence may cause these to activate and send an email immediately. This is because you are creating a debt first and then applying the security deposit to it - but the system does not know that you intend to do that. How to get around this:

  • Either create the refund payment first and then add the Extra, or
  • Check the "Exclude completed reservations?" box in the Reminder setup to have it not apply to reservations that are past their departure date.