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Make an option (eg. pool heat) mandatory for some dates?

You may have an optional item that you want to make mandatory during certain dates, yet still show the inquirer that the option has been included. Pool Heating often falls into this category.

The ability to let the guest change, or not, the selection of a particular option is done per Option List, and therefore per property. One option cannot be both selectable and mandatory depending upon the date being quoted. However, there's a way to get the same effect...

Setting up a Pool Heat option

Here's how the set the system up to do what you need for Pool Heat at the Setup>Main >> Quote tab:
1/ Create 2 pool heat options, say, "Included Pool Heat" and "Optional Pool Heat"
2/ Add both options to the Option List for your property:
- Only check the "Include" checkbox for the "Included Pool Heat" option
- Check the "Include" and "Publish if Quoted" checkboxes for the "Optional Pool Heat" option

At this point, the guest will never know that the Pool/Spa options exist unless you include one of them in your quote to them in the first place.

To make the right option be included in the quote, set up 2 Option Include Lists on the "Option Include" tab (let's assume that Pool heat is mandatory in Winter but optional in Summer):

  1. Call one list "Summer" and include the "Optional Pool Heat" option
  2. Call the other list "Winter" and include the "Included Pool Heat" option

Then assign the Summer and Winter Include lists to the appropriate winter and summer date ranges that you have set up on the Dates list tab.

Now, when the system creates a quote, it will always include one of the 2 Pool Heat options. For dates that fall into the "Winter" date ranges it will not be selectable and for the Summer date ranges it will be selectable at Booking Time.


  • You must ensure that you don't check both Pool Heat options manually as that will be confusing!
  • If you use any conditional logic in templates that checks for Pool & Spa heat then it will need to check for either being set.