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Using the main website on your mobile devices

Most mobile devices today have restricted browser support for some things - especially when it comes to editing formatted text. This page helps to explain some of these and how you may work around them.

Note: Scrolling

With the iPhone/iPod/iPad, scrolling within a text area requires that you use two fingers rather than one. One finger scrolls the entire web page, 2 fingers the scrollable text areas. Place 2 fingers on the text area and move them both up/down at the same time.

It may be the same in Android too?

WYSIWYG editing of emails

Direct editing of formatted emails are not supported by these mobile devices - so you cannot simply click "Preview/Edit" and edit the email before sending it in the same way that you can on your desktop.

Workaround - for Inquiry responses using Response Notes fields (Platinum Plan)

On the Requests page, under the Request Details on the left there are 3 tabs: "Request Notes", "Response" and "Response2" - use the two response tabs to add text that will be saved with the request and inserted into the email response as tokens ResponseNotes and ResponseNotes2 respectively.

In the "Predefined: Quote" email template:

  • Response goes at the bottom under a "Notes" title
  • Response2 goes at the top, just after the into text and before any Quotes are displayed.

As these fields are stored with the request, if you click on the same request later this response text will be loaded into those fields (edits made directly to the email are not saved with the request).

Workaround - full editing (Platinum Plans)

When editing an email on your Apple or Android device, you will be given a fully editable text field instead of the pretty formatted email. You can edit this on your mobile device, but you will need to ensure that the HTML tags are all left intact at the end - just edit between them and you'll be OK. Over time, you would find out where you often edit things and be able to go there straight away.

Once edited, you can then click on the Preview button there to see what it's going to look like - click the screen showing the preview to hide it to continue editing or send it.