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MyVRZone calendar not in sync with Advertiser site

If you are synchronizing with Advertising sites (such as the HomeAway sites or FlipKey) then automatic synchronization is attempted every 24 hours. If a failure occurs during synchronization, it is attempted again every hour until it succeeds. If the calendars are showing different availability then either there was a synchronization issue at the last attempt (you will se an email to that effect), the Property ID is incorrect, or the calendar synchronization has been disabled in the setup. Try the following:

  • Go to the SetupMain >> Advertisers+Synchronization>Synchronization Tab.
  • Check that your Advertiser Property ID's are correct for the property in question - open the section for the advertiser in question in your MyVRZone account and click on the View button next to the Property ID. This opens a new browser window that should show your calendar at the Advertiser - if the display is incorrect then update the calendar Property ID to the correct value (follow the instructions to the right to locate the number required).
  • Confirm that the Auto-sync Enabled check box is checked to ensure that the calendars will be kept up to date automatically.
  • If you have just set up your properties and/or Advertiser calendar Property ID's then you will need to click on "Online/Web>Calendar - Synchronize Now" in the navigation menu - or wait for the next synchronization to happen - before the calendars will be in sync.