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Two factor authentication (HomeAway sites)

At the end of 2014, HomeAway began rolling out an additional security feature for owners/managers on their sites - called Two-factor authentication.

This adds security by requiring unrecognized devices to be authorized by the owner via a direct contact (text or voice message). That text or voice message provides a Code that needs to be entered on the webpage within 30 mins of a request. As the code is delivered by a different method it's much harder for unauthorized users (hackers) to log in to your account as they are unlikely to have your phone.

Re-authentication of the device is said to be required every 12 months.

MyVRZone supports Two-Factor Authentication

Using the VRSync Availability synchronization service you can continue to update your availability at the HomeAway sites.

If your HomeAway site has this authentication requirement then you'll either:

  • Do this during setup when you test that the login credentials work on the VR Hub Synchronization page, or
  • Be notified after a synchronization has been attempted with an Action on how to complete the process on the VR Hub Synchronization page.

Directions and preparation for completing Two-Factor Authentication

To ensure success:

  1. Be sure that you can be reached at the default contact number and by the default method
    >> You will be given a link to view those defaults after beginning the process so check there first.
  2. Enter the Code your are given within 30 minutes of the prompt to enter your code.
  3. If you do not get the code (usually done within 10 minutes, check voicemails too) then it's likely that the default contact info is not not correct (eg text to non-mobile phone)
    >> Review the contact information and update/correct it and go through the process again
  4. Once completed, you should not need to do this again for 12 months