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Keypad Lock Synchronization (ResortLock/eRentalLock)

ResortLock and eRentalLock provide keypad locks that only let guests in if the current date/time is within the date/time encoded into the keycode that they enter. Nothing ever changes in the lock except the current time and the keycode can be generated separately - once installed you don't need to touch it again. The keycode factors in the unique serial number of your lock so it will nto work on other simila ones.

The lock providers offer an online way to generate the code - you log in, enter the dates and times and a code is produced for you. You would give this to the guest.

MyVRZone can get the code from the provider for you, automatically. Every time you add/change a reservation then a new code will be fetched automatically. The code is stored as a predefined "Custom Info" and is then available for use as a "token" in any email templates.

Compare keypad lock providers here


Set up the lock synchronization in the same place as Advertiser synchronizations in the "Setup>Main >> Advertisers+Synchronizations>Synchronization" tab. Follow the instructions there to find the account information needed.

Set the name of the Lock that will appear in the emails (ie. what the token will be replaced by) in the "Setup>Main >> Custom Info" tab - look for ResortLock and eRentalLock there, open the section up and edit the "Custom Info Name" field.


After setup is complete, whenever you save a reservation and the lock code custom info is either blank or the dates/times have changed AND the reservation is Confirmed then a new lock code will be fetched - you'll see a notification at the top of the screen that it got updated.

Verify that it is working by saving an existing reservation. You will need to re-save all future reservations to get the lock code for each one - that may happen naturally as you enter payment info etc or you may want to do some of the nearer dates manually.

Note on the time of day


eRentalLock code generation takes care of Daylight Savings Time for you. The lock time should be set to the Standard Time in the area that the lock is located. When the code is generated at eRentalLock any adjustment is made to the time automatically.


Daylight Savings Time is not adjusted automatically when the codes are generated at ResortLock.

In order to deal with daylight saving times, where the lock would need to be manually changed 2 times a year, the myvrzone system assumes that you are not going to bother doing that!

Instead, the MyVRZone system adjusts the time so that the entry code will always work no matter what the daylight savings status is. It either makes arrival time an hour earlier or departure an hour later for every reservation. Which one depends on the setting when the lock was installed - there's a checkbox in the MyVRZone setup for configuring that.