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In-template configuration

There are a few configuration items that can be placed in the templates that affect how that template is viewed or processed. Each configuration is placed inside the template comments {* comments *} and more than one can be added, separated by spaces. It does not matter where this is placed in the template - start, end or somewhere in the middle.

Rich Text Editor

Turn it OFF when editing templates/stationery:

This will turn off the RTE when displaying the template or stationery for editing:

  {* mvrz-config-noeditor *}

Turn it ON when previewing/editing emails:

Adding this token into your template/stationery will force the RTE to be used when displaying an email in preview for editing:


... this will place an HTML comment into your stationery/template that will not be displayed but will cause the editor to be used no matter what is in the content.
NOTE: This token is already added to predefined Stationery.

Reminder Processing of Blank emails

When an email template gets processed and is blank, the email is not sent and the reminder is marked as Ignored (see example here). You can change that as follows:

Mark it as NOT done:

  {* mvrz-config-todo-blank=notdone *} 

Mark it as Done:

  {* mvrz-config-todo-blank=done *} 

Mark it as Ignored (the default):

  {* mvrz-config-todo-blank=ignore *}