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Why use conditional text to create blank emails?


I want to send an email to the guests after they have departed and after the property has been checked for issues. I have a standard template that basically says that everything was OK and there is nothing to be taken out of the security deposit. I want to send this 7 days after departure - unless there are are issues. I typically will know if there are issues within 24 hours but want to wait a week just in case.


Most of the time everything is OK but an automatic reminder would send the email after 7 days even if there's an issue. I have to do this manually - and I often forget to do it.


There's now a 2-step solution to this that will allow the automation:

  1. Create a new Custom Info called something like "Checkout Issue?" and set it as a YES/NO type. 
    A new token will automaticaly be created for this - let's say that it's called {{info3}}
    Then, whenever you get to know of a check-out issue you should check this in the reservation.
  2. Add some conditional code around the whole template that depends on the value of the new Custom Info:

{if ({{info3}} eq 0)}

This is my template text.


Now, if this template is viewed it will be blank if the "Checkout Issue?" custom info is checked.

NOTE: There must be no text outside the conditional {if}...{/if}. Check for any HTML tags that may get inserted automatically if you are using the Rich Text Editor.

Using this in Reminders

When a reminder is actived and tries to send an email that is blank, it will not sent it and mark it as Ignored (by default). This is true for clicking the "Do it" button for manual reminders and in any automatic reminder. The "Preview" button will show you the blank email so you can decide what to do when you see it.

So now, you can set this to automatic and know that the guest will not see the email unless there are no check-out issues (and you remembered to check the Checkout Issue custom info).

There's one more issue to address with this particular scenario, though ... I don't want the To-do item to be marked as Ignored - I want it to stay as NOT done so that I will notice it when I look at my To-do list...

Changing the status of the To-do item for blank email processing

You can change the default status of the To-do after a blank email is detected (and not sent) by adding some configuration in the template comments.

To set the To-do item to not done I would do this to my template:

{* mvrz-config-todo-blank=notdone *}{if ({{info3}} eq 0)}

This is my template text.