Vacation Rental Management for busy people!

Create a Quote/Email response?

Platinum Plan subscribers only: Go to the Requests Page then follow the instructions below.

1/ Enter the Request Details

This section contains the details of the request - the dates, other requirements and the contact information.

To quote a request manually (eg. a Telephone call request):

Click on the New Request button

To quote an emailed request (eg from an advertiser):

Click on the appropriate request line in the Requests or Done Tab

2/ Enter/Update the request details

  • If you have more than one property, choose Any or a specific one.
  • Arrival Date and either the Departure Date or number of nights.
  • Min and (optionally Max) number of bedrooms.
  • The email address if the quote is to be emailed.
  • Optional number of Adults/Children/Infants (Adults+Children = number of sleeps).
  • Optionally answer any questions in the Response Tab (bottom-left) - these get included in the email in a Notes section.
  • Optionally complete the other request fields - they will not affect the quote.
  • Click the Update button when done.

3/ Review/Edit the quotes produced

Click on the Quotes Tab (to the right) to see the quotes that the system has generated.

  • If there are no quotes then there were no matches - either no property is available or the bedrooms or max number of sleeps did not match
  • If you have quotes then review them and choose whether to include them in a quote or not by (un)checking the checkbox for each.
  • You can optionally edit each quote by clicking on them to open them up and changing the fields shown. Follow the mouse-over instructions there and be sure to click the Apply Changes button when your changes are ready.
  • If your quotes show zero value then no dates and rates have been set up for the dates in the request - set these up in the Setup>Main >> Quotes tab.

4/ Send the Quote

  • When you are ready, click either the Send Response button to have the quote sent directly (without review) or thePreview/Edit Response button to review or edit the email before sending.
  • If Preview/Edit is clicked then a new window will open showing the quote email that has been created. Edit this if needed and then click the Send button.