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Get inquiries into my account (email forwarding)

Platinum Subscribers only

There are 3 ways to get inquiries into the system for processing

  1. via the MyVRZone Request Form embedded on your own site or the mini-site
  2. by forwarding emails you normally receive to MyVRZone
  3. entering them directly into the system (eg phone call inquiry)

Request Form

Please see the Integration How-To for details of how to embed this form onto your own website.

Email forwarding

Each user has a unique Email address at myvrzone in order to get email inquiries into the system for processing, this email address is of the form:

  • <UID> where UID is your system user ID and can be found in the top area of the screen, next to your name, when logged in.
  • Example: for a UID of 123:

So how do get my inquiry emails going into myvrzone automatically?

You need to get set up so that the emails you currently get are automatically forwarded to your MyVRZoneaccount as well as getting sent to wherever they go now. It is NOT recommended to ONLY send your inquiries to your MyVRZone account. Here are the usual options...

If you have your own website and domain name (eg
  • if you have a website hosting company that also provides your email service then this is where to set up forwarding. Otherwise the domain name provider or "regsitrar" (eg may provide this.
  • look for something called "email forwarding" or similar (NOT domain forwarding)
  • you should be able to configure the system to send/forward a copy of the emails sent to your current email address to the MyVRZone email address as well by adding your <UID> as a forwarding email address.

If you don't have your own domain then consider getting one for a more professional look

  • you don't need a website for this to work - just the domain registration
  • it is not expensive - but make sure that the provider gives you email forwarding

If you use a free webmail email account such as gmail/hotmail/yahoo/aol/outlook etc

  • these tools usually allow some form of email forwarding when emails arrive
  • review the settings and add your <UID> as a forwarding email address

If you use a client mail application such as Outlook or Thunderbird

  • these tools allow you to set up email forwarding
  • review the settings and add your <UID> as a forwarding email address
  • Note that the forwarding will only work if the computer and application are running. If you want to be able to deal with your emails anywhere on the internet then this may be a problem. One of the earlier options is recommened instead.

Direct entry

From the Quote page, click on the New Request button on the left side to start a new request then just enter the information that you have.

See this HowTo for further details on creating a quote.