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Set up Quoted Online Booking™?

Platinum Subscribers only

Read this short presentation to see how Quoted Online Booking works

For the full benefits of the system take the time to set everything up as indicated below, but you can take less time if you are OK with each quote taking longer to generate.

When set up:

  • your quotes will contain a "Book Online Now" link that will take your inquirer to the Guest Zone™
  • guests can view all quotes that they have received from you
  • guests can book your property online after agreeing to the Terms & conditions and their age.

On successful submission:

  • the reservation will be entered in to the system as a Pending reservation
  • you will be sent an email notifying you of the submission
  • if you are using the integrated credit card processing then the guest can click a link after submission to make a secure payment online.

Minimal Setup

This is what you need at a minimum to enable Quoted Online Booking™.

With this setup you would need to enter each request manually (dates and email address) and then enter the rate(s) you want to quote by hand. You can then send out the pretty, formatted response.

For initial experimentation you could manually forward emails to your account by sending them to

Medium Setup

Here you would direct your emails to the system so that you don't need to enter them manually.

  • In addition to the Minimal Setup above...
  • Set up your inquiry emails to be forwarded to myvrzone automatically see How-To. The system will try to import the inquiry information so that you do not have to enter it manually.

Full Setup

For the fastest quotes let the system do the time-consuming work for you.

  • In addition to the Medium Setup above...
  • Embed the Request Form on your own website if you have one. The information provided will go straight into the system as an inquiry.
  • Set up your options, taxes, seasons, dates and rates at the Setup>Main >> Quotes tab (see instructions here)
  • Set up the Quote preferences for your property at Setup>Main >> Property>Quote. Assign the options, dates, rates and taxes you have just created in the earlier steps to each property.
    Optional setup...
  • Once you have the system operating as you need, you can customise the quote template to better suit your preferred response. Create a new quote template by copying the Predefined one on the page and then editing it. See the How-To section for use of tokens and conditional text.

Now you are set up for minimal effort and maximum response performance.