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How do I know that I'm on the VR Referral Network?

When on the Referral Network>Submit/Register Referral page you'll see a summary of your active/inactive properties to the left just under the MyVRZone logo. Mouse-over the summary to see a list of your properties and their status.

The VR Referral Network™ used to require that each property has a valid availability calendar but that is no longer true - however your property will not be included in any searches by date if it has no calendar.

    To ensure that it is included in availability searches just verify that the property either:
  • has reservations recorded directly in the MyVRZone system
  • OR
  • has a subscription to the VRSync service and is set up to import from at least one source

If the above is valid and the property is not appearing in searches then the property must not be showing any future reservations. The system verifies that the availability calendar is kept up-to-date so be sure to enter your future reservations for this to work.